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Just Thinking...

Forward to the past

To go forward as believers and as a nation, and to have a bright future  we must go back to the Biblical values of the past that made our nation great and a nation blessed of God.

I believe that the Biblical values that were once so prevalent in our society and have largely slipped away are what we need to go back to if we want to go into the future with confidence.

The values and thinking of men like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are not old fashioned; they are Biblical and wise and we need to be strong enough, yes, courageous enough to be a people of the conservative Biblical values and morals that helped shape this great nation.

Were these men stupid? Were they bigoted? Were they ignorant, or uninformed? Were they dependant? Were they unscientific or illiterate? I trust you agree that the answers to these questions are a resounding "no." Many of these men were scholarly and brilliant and wise. That is one of the reasons we must not discount the values and thinking that they represent.

These become a testimony to the validity of the need for the Bible in our hearts, our lives, and our schools; and they are a vindication of making efforts to bring people back to those standards, back to the God Who alone gives wisdom and is worthy of our service and praise.

Evolutionary Thinking

The evolutionist's logic:

bulletIt seems they would rather give the glory for the existence of the physical universe to time, chance, and randomness than to the living God!
bulletWith statistical math negating the possibility of even the simplest of "chance" DNA programming....
bulletWith the logic of irreducible complexity in biological systems....
bulletWith the impossibility of a third human being coming into existence without two, fully complete adult parents with all biologic systems working....
bulletWith the total lack of any intermediate fossil forms out of the millions that should exist (animals like cogs and dats)....
bulletWith the known difficulty of complexity from non-complexity....

Would it not be better to give the credit and glory for creation to where all the observable, testable, true scientific evidence points? Even Jehovah God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ?

I agree with the fellow who said: "I don't have enough faith to be an evolutionist!"

And with the guy who said: "Chance is their god and time is their magic wand!"

A miracle is making that statement...

There are those who deny the resurrection of Christ because they say there is no such thing as miracles; but do they realize that a miracle is making that statement? There is no rational, scientific, sensible, plausible, reasonable, or demonstratable reason for human existence (let alone the existence of any thing material) without the miracle of God's creation!

Hollywood's best line

In the movie "The Ten Commandments," when Pharaoh came back from the total destruction of his army in the Red Sea, his wife asked him if he had defeated Israel's god. Pharaoh's answer was Hollywood's best line:

Pharaoh said: "Their God is God!"

I say, "Amen."

Is Sunday School the best approach?

Is Sunday school the best approach to what? Is Sunday school the best approach to teaching our children the things of God and of Christ? Well, it is one way but there is a better way....It is called, "parents teaching their own children at home and then in the assembly everyone stays together (call it Sunday School or Family Time) and the children behave and learn with the adults. You can have other teaching or training times (like for teens or young married couples or for adults) at other times in the week.

A good Bible teacher will be able to make things understandable for most children as well as teens and adults and the format can get everyone involved. If you are uncomfortable with the "one room school" concept why not pray about it and give it some thought and discuss it with the other families.

One point is this: If you think that Sunday School is a replacement for you teaching your children extensively at home you are wrong, it is not. If you are concerned about reaching children in the neighborhood do special things at other times for kids and work on reaching their parents.

Greener Grass?

Do you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? The sinful weeds in your thinking and life will be in that grass as well!

Sexual impurity
(The basic concept is from Ron Hutchcraft with elaboration by me.)

Sexual sin (of all kinds, including pictures) promises love outside of marriage and ultimately delivers loneliness and often a feeling of being used. It promises a sense of feeling like you're worth more, and instead, it leaves you with a feeling of being dirty and feeling worth less. It promises you great pleasure, and it ends up robbing you of the ultimate sexual pleasure that comes from saving your sexual love to give uniquely to your lifetime partner. No moments of sexual pleasure can possibly be worth all that loss, plus the shame, plus the loss of the blessing of God.

Sexual sin:
* Promises love brings loneliness
* Promises joy brings sorrow
* Promises happiness brings guilt
* Promises gain brings loss
* Promises peace brings fear
* Promises help brings hurt
* Promises healing brings pain
* Promises pleasure brings robbery of real pleasure from your mate
* Promises worth brings feeling of worthlessness
* Promises feeling of being wanted brings estrangement
* Promises closeness brings separation
* Promises warmth brings coldness
* Promises 'living large' brings death
* Promises fulfillment brings emptiness and harm
* Promises momentary excitement brings woeful lasting

Read More about this...

Psalm 31:14,15 "But I trusted in thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my God, My times are in thy hand..."


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