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Audio listening and downloads...message notes

It has been requested that we put the Sunday morning messages from our study in Flora, IN on the site for listening or download so here are some to start with (to download right click link and choose 'save target as').

Please note: These files are unedited originals and are supplied 'as is'
Thank you for your understanding.

Various Day of Grace Fellowship messages:

Sunday May 13th 2012 1 Peter 1:14-25 If ye call on the Father...
Sunday May 6th 2012  Flora Baptist - Prepared for every good work
Sunday April 29th 2012 1 Peter 1:13-17 Kingdom Grace and mercy
Sunday April 22nd 2012 1 Peter 1:9-12 Three Graces of God
Sunday April 15th 2012 1 Peter 1:7, 8; Col. 1:22,23 The Presentation
Sunday April 8th 2012 Resurrection and some of the things it declares
Sunday April 1st 2012  James 1:13-21 Do not error. About what?

Sunday March 25th 2012  James ch1 Exalted through trials
Sunday March 18th 2012  James ch1 on Trials, review from last week
Sunday March 4th 2012  1 Peter ch1 Trials
Saturday March 3rd 2012  Cindy Rulander's funeral
Sunday Feb 26th 2012  1 Peter 1:1-13 Who is Peter?
Sunday Feb 19th 2012  1 Peter 1:1-13 Scattered for the commission?
Sunday Feb 12th 2012  1 Peter ch1 Elect Sojourners
Sunday Feb 5th 2012  Flora Baptist - The Greatest Teacher
Sunday Jan 29th 2012  1 Peter - What salvation?
Sunday Jan 1st 2012   What i5ths ahead for you?
Sunday Dec 18th 2011 1 Cor. 4 Our call; Our enablement; Our goal
Sunday Dec 11th 2011 Lk 16 Stewardship, ownership, and shrewdness
Sunday Dec 4th 2011 Lk 16 - Shrewdness. Is this for our economy?
Sunday Nov 27th 2011 Flora, IN - Titus 2:11-13 Our Blessed Hope
Sunday Nov 20th 2011 Rev 22 Last Promise, Prayer, and Provision
Sunday Nov 13th 2011 Rev 22 The New Paradise
Sunday Nov 6th 2011  Rev 21 The New Jerusalem
Sunday Oct 30th 2011  Rev 21 New Heaven, New Earth
Sunday Oct 23th 2011  Coverings part 2 headship and testimony
Sunday Oct 16th 2011  Coverings and the day of grace
Sunday Oct 9th 2011  Rev 20 cf. Luke 16 The Rich man and Lazarus
Sunday Oct 2nd 2011  Flora Baptist - The Lord's Supper
Sunday Sept 25th 2011  Rev 20 The Great White Throne
Sunday Sept 18th 2011  Rev 20 The Beloved City
Sunday Sept 11th 2011  Colossians 2:10 our completeness in Christ
Sunday Aug 28th 2011  Rev 20 with Jn.14 My Father's house
Sunday Aug 21st 2011  The Millennium cont.
Sunday Aug 14th 2011  Rev ch 20 The dragon and the Millennium.
Sunday July 31st 2011  Flora Baptist - Adorning the Doctrine of God

Sunday July 24th 2011  Rev ch 19:17-21 Armageddon
Sunday July 17th 2011  Rev ch 19 king of kings; Lord of Lords
Sunday July 3rd 2011  Rev ch 19 Israel's independence day.
Sunday June 26th 2011  Rev ch 19 Israel's new economy.
Sunday June 12th 2011  Rev ch 19 Israel and us in Chastening
Sunday June 5th 2011  Rev ch 19 Israel and us in Judgment
Sunday May 29th 2011  Flora: Titus 1:1-16 His goal is godliness
Sunday May 22nd 2011  Rev ch 19 Israel's Marriage
Sunday May 15th 2011  Rev ch 18 Israel's iniquities
Sunday May 8th 2011  Rev ch 17 Babylon and the beast
Jean Miller's Funeral 5-7-2011 (Judy Ayres's Mom)
Sunday May 1st 2011  7 Bowls - The End  of the World
Sunday April 24th 2011 Resurrection, The Hope of the World
Sunday April 17th 2011 Rev ch15 Temple of testimony and us...
Sunday April 10th 2011 Rev ch14 The Everlasting Gospel
Sunday March 27th 2011  Flora: Titus 1:1 Paul's Purpose Statement
Thursday March 24th 2011  Gal. ch 5:24--6:1, What fault?
Sunday March 20th 2011  Rev. ch 13 The most famous number...
Sunday March 13th 2011  Rev. ch 12-13, Beauty and the beast
Thursday March 10th 2011  Gal. ch 5 to end- crucified the flesh
Sunday March 6th 2011  Rev. ch 11, The two witnesses
Sunday Feb 27th 2011  Rev. ch 9-10, Perfect Judgment
Thursday Feb 24th 2011  Gal. 5:16-23 Walk in the Spirit part 3
Sunday Feb 20th 2011  Rev. ch8, day of judgment, not day of grace
Thursday Feb 17th 2011  Gal. 5:16 Walk in the Spirit part 2
Sunday Feb 13th 2011  Rev. ch 7 & 8; Mt. 24 part 2,
Thursday Feb 11th 2011  Gal. 5:16 Walk in the Spirit
Sunday Jan 16th 2011  Rev. ch 6 & 7; Mt.24 Endure to the end--?
Thursday Jan 13th 2011  Gal. 5:6 Works or faith that works by love?
Sunday Jan 9th 2011  Rev. ch 5 & 6 The Lion and The Lamb
Thursday Jan 6th 2011  Gal. 5:1-4 Fallen from grace
Sunday Jan 2nd 2011  Rev. ch 3 & 4 & 5 The Throne of.....
Sunday Dec 26th 2010  Rev. ch 2 & 3 Israel's history- lukewarm
Sunday Dec 19th 2010  Revelation ch 2 overcomers
Thursday Dec 16th 2010 Gal. ch 4- Jerusalem which is above
Sunday Dec 12th 2010  Revelation ch 1 review and ch 2 introduction
Sunday Dec 5th 2010  Flora Baptist Isaiah 41:10 God's Righteousness
Sunday Nov 21st 2010  Revelation chapter 1 Are we in this book?
Thursday Nov 18th 2010 Gal. ch 4--Do you not hear the law?
Sunday Nov 14th 2010  Revelation chapter 1 The Key to this book
Thursday Nov 11th 2010 Gal. ch 4:1 Sonship
Sunday Nov 7th 2010  Flora Church- The Powerless Disciples
Thursday Nov 4th 2010 Gal 3:27-Baptized into Christ
Sunday Oct 31st 2010  Acts 28:31 What did Paul teach for two years?
Thursday Oct 28th 2010 Gal 3:23-Before faith came?
Sunday Oct 24th 2010  Acts 28:31 the kingdom of God and Paul. Plus: Tony and Barb Sistelos tell about TBS Ministries, Inc.
Thursday Oct 21st 2010 Gal 3:19 Why then the law?
Sunday Oct 17th 2010 
Acts 28:20-31 Paul's chain was not his commission
Thursday Oct 14th 2010 Gal ch3 The Law is not of faith
Sunday Oct 10th 2010  Acts ch 27 The Shipwreck
Thursday Oct 7th 2010 Gal ch3 Sons of Abraham
Sunday Oct 3rd 2010  Acts ch 26 Defending the Kingdom Program 2
Thursday Sept 30th 2010 Gal ch2:20-21 Identified with Christ
Sunday Sept 26th 2010  Acts ch 26 Defending the Kingdom Program
Thursday Sept 23rd 2010 Gal ch 2:15-19 Paul's unusual questions
Sunday Sept 19th 2010  Acts ch 26:22, 23 The Kingdom program
Sunday Sept 12th 2010  Acts ch 26 Paul not under great commission
Sunday Aug 29nd 2010  Acts ch 24 Agrippa says no....
Thursday Aug 26th 2010 Gal. ch2 Peter denies the truth of the gospel
Sunday Aug 22nd 2010  Acts ch 24 Felix says no....
Thursday Aug 19nd 2010 Gal. ch2 Peter learns Paul's gospel
Thursday Aug 12nd 2010 Gal. ch1 how little Paul learned from..
Sunday Aug 15th 2010  Acts ch 24 Paul's defense- Israel's moral sin.
Sunday Aug 8th 2010  Flora Church 2 Timothy 2:8 Double the blessing
Sunday at Flora; Lisa sings..   Lisa Sings a beautiful song...
Bitely, MI church conferance Don Webb message one
Bitely, MI church conferance Don Webb message two
Bitely, MI church conferance Children sing Denny's song 1
Bitely, MI church conferance Children sing Denny's song 2
Bitely, MI church conferance Children sing Denny's song 3
Bitely, MI church conferance Song from the whistler
Sunday July 25th 2010  Acts ch 23 Providence
Thursday July 22nd 2010 Galatians ch1 Another Gospel
Sunday July 18th 2010  Acts ch 23 Paul the Pharisee
Thursday July 15th 2010 Galatians ch1 introduction
Sunday July 11th 2010  Acts ch 23 Paul's spiritual savvy
Thursday July 8th 2010 2 Cor. ch 13:8-14 Is God with you?
Sunday July 4th 2010  Acts ch 22 with Romans ch 15 Mystery truth?
Thursday July 1st 2010 2 Cor. ch 12:20-13:8 Can we hinder the truth?
Sunday June 20th 2010  BBF Conference The Truth is in Jesus
Sunday June 13th 2010  Acts 22:16 Water Baptism washing not burial
Thursday June 10th 2010  2 Cor. 12:20 How will God find us?
Sunday June 6th 2010  Acts 22 Paul's Testimony- why?
Sunday May 30th 2010  Acts 22 Introduction
Thursday May 27th 2010 - 2 Cor. ch 11 Paul's heart and motive
Monday May 24th 2010 - Romans 14 The things that make for peace
Sunday May 23th 2010  Acts 21 Was Paul wrong?
Thursday May 27th 2010 - 2 Cor. ch 10b He that glories...
Sunday May 16th 2010  Acts 21 Overview
Monday May 10th 2010 - Romans 14 Weaker Brethren
Sunday May 9th 2010  Acts 20:32-38 Mentoring - starts with me
Thursday May 6th 2010 - 2 Cor. ch 10a- God's Strategy- and ours?
SundayMay 2nd 2010 Flora SermOnMnt Mt 5:18-until-law-fulfilled
Thursday April 29h 2010 - 2Cor. ch 9b Grace unto thanksgiving

Sunday April 25th 2010  Acts 20:32 w-Titus ch 1 Elders
Thursday April 15th 2010 - 2 Cor. ch 8a- This grace also
Monday April 12th 2010 - Romans 13a, The authorities and us
Sunday April 11th 2010  Acts 20:28-32, Elders - do this!
Sunday April 4th 2010  Acts 20:18-27; Paul the elder with the Elders

Sunday Mar. 28th 2010  Acts 20:1-21 - Eutychus and Paul
Thursday Mar. 25th 2010 - 2 Cor. ch 7b-repentance not regretted
Sunday Mar. 21th 2010  Acts 20 w/ 2 Cor. ch 13 overview
Thursday Mar. 18th 2010 - 2 Cor. ch 7, cleansing ourselves
Monday Mar. 15st 2010 - Romans 12b, Worship gifts
Sunday Mar. 14th 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Cor. ch 12 overview

Sunday Mar. 7th 2010  Flora SermOnMnt Mt. 5:13-14 Ye are the Light
Sunday Feb. 28th 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Cor. ch 11 overview
Thursday Feb. 25th 2010 - 2 Corinthians ch 6a, not in vain
Monday Feb. 22st 2010 - Romans 11c God's dispensational mercy

Sunday Feb. 21st 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Cor. ch 10 overview
Thursday Feb. 18th 2010 - 2 Corinthians ch 5b, constraining love

Sunday Feb. 14th 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Cor. ch 8 and 9 overview
Thursday Feb. 11th 2010 - 2 Corinthians ch 5a, by faith not by sight

Sunday Feb. 7th 2010 - Flora - Sermon on the Mount part 1
Thursday Feb. 4th 2010 - 2 Corinthians ch 4b, We believe we speak

Sunday Jan. 31th 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Corinthians ch 7 overview
Thursday Jan. 28th 2010 - 2 Corinthians ch 4, for Jesus sake
Sunday Jan. 24th 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Corinthians ch 6 overview

Sunday Jan. 17th 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Corinthians ch 4 overview
Thursday Jan. 14th 2010 - 2 Corinthians ch 3, Able Ministers

Sunday Jan. 10th 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Corinthians ch 4 overview
Don Anderson's Funeral 1-4-2010 - My portion, Logans Port, IN
Sunday Jan. 3rd 2010 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Corinthians ch 3 overview
Sunday Dec. 27th 2009 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Corinthians ch 2 overview
Sunday Dec. 20th 2009 - Acts 20 w/ 2 Corinthians ch 1 overview
Thursday Dec. 17th 2009 - 2 Corinthians 2:14 to 3:5 Triumphant
Sunday Dec. 13th 2009 - Acts ch 19:23-41 (end of chapter)
Thursday Dec. 10th 2009 - 2 Corinthians ch 2 The proof of you
Sunday Dec. 6th 2009 - Acts 19 w/ 2 Thessalonians overview
Sunday Nov. 29th 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Thessalonians overview
Sunday Nov. 22nd 2009 at Flora Baptist - Not in vain - certainty
Thursday Nov. 19th 2009 - 2 Corinthians ch 1 The God of Comfort
Sunday Nov. 15th 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Corinthians 15:8 overview
Thursday Nov. 12th 2009 - 1 Corinthians 16:21-Jn-21 to love Him

Sunday Nov. 8th 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Corinthians ch 14&15 overview
Thursday Nov. 5th 2009 - 1 Corinthians 16:13-21- act like men

Sunday Nov. 1st 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Corinthians ch 12&13 overview
Sunday Oct. 25th 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Corinthians ch 11 overview
Sunday Oct. 18th 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Corinthians ch 9-10 overview
Sunday Oct. 11th 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Corinthians ch 6-7 overview
Thursday Oct. 8th 2009
- 1Corinthians-15:51 with 2cor-5-1-8
Sunday Oct. 4th 2009 - Acts19 w/ 1 Corinthians ch 1-6 overview
Sunday Sept. 20th 2009 - Acts Chapter 19 cf. Romans 1:16
Sunday Sept. 13th 2009 - James Chapter 2; Justified by works?
Special:Ye that are Spiritual - Galatians 6:1-4

Sunday Sept. 6th 2009 - James Chapter 2; Can faith \save him?
Sunday August 30th 2009 - Acts Chapter 19 cf. Romans Chapter 15
Sunday August 23rd 2009 - Acts Chapter 19 cf., 1 Peter Chapter 3
Sunday August 16th 2009 - Acts Chapter 19, faith and baptism
Sunday August 9th 2009 - Acts Chapter 19 Paul at Ephesus
Sunday August 2nd 2009 at Flora Baptist - Born out of due time
Sunday July 26th 2009 Bitely, MI - Part 2, The Believers Walk
Friday July 24th 2009 Bitely, MI - Part 1, The Believers Walk
Sunday July 19th 2009 - Acts Chapter 18 - Paul at Corinth
Sunday July 12th 2009 - Acts Chapter 17, Mars Hill

Sunday July 5th 2009 - Acts Chapter 17, God's noblemen

May 6th message notes

Text: Titus 3:1-8

   - Success is doing our very best at whatever God has called us to do.
   - Success demands a readiness and readiness demands preparation.

   - That preparation enables us to lovingly and fearlessly speak the truths of God's grace with a yieldedness to God and a humility to those around us so as to reach as many as possible for Christ with the Gospel of the grace of God.

   - One appropriate goal in life should be to influence as many as possible for Christ.

Read Titus 3:1-8

- Topic
   - ready (willing and able), for every good work
   - Right heart, Right methods, Right message
   - That makes you ready before God and Profitable unto men (for salvation)

- Theme/Key thought
   - Godliness in the world/Salvation (the profit) of men

Yieldedness to God and man in dealing with and winning people to day.

v1. Subjection and humility are part of readiness
   - Ready = right heart, right methods, right message

v2. Christ like character

v3. No one is worthy but wee were no different!
   - Luke 18:10-14 The Pharisee and the publican
   - Aunt Louise was offended that some asked her if she was saved

v4. When did the kindness and love of Got to man appear cf. 2:11?
   - dispensationally acts 9; - Personally when you trusted Christ

v.5. The heralding of the inability of works to save
   - Saved = saved from being judged for our sins because Christ was judged in my place

- Jn 3:3 (born from above (two words in greek),
in one word = regeneration (born again) cf., 2 Cor. 5:17

v6. Holy Spirit = poured out or as in Rom 5:20 and 1 Tim 1:14 super abounded
   - this is the economy or dispensation and the chief of sinners is the pattern!
   - 1 Timothy 1:14, 15

v7. Justified = declared righteous by God!

v8. Believed God = demonstrated by christ like deeds constantly done for His glory.
   - May we be profitable in reaching men for Christ.


Resurrection notes:

Is it important? Yes, 1 Corinthians 15:3, 4
Is it literal and bodily? Yes, John 20:27
Is it Motivating? Yes, Titus 2:11-14

Resurrection...how it is vindicated, verified, and demonstrated in the life of a believer.

Resurrection in 1 Peter 1:3 verifies the truth of a living vibrant (and for us imminent), hope. For them this hope was a kingdom hope

Does this help us in the economy of grace? Yes, as in Titus 2:13, and 1 Thessalonians 4:14, 18

Also (concerning resurrection):
It declares His deity Rom 1:4
It declares Him to be the Son of God Rom 1:4
It declares Him to be the Messiah Acts 2:36
It declares the Word of God to be true Act Jn 2:19; 2:29-36; 13:32-34
It declares His coming judgment upon sin Acts 17:31
it declares the truth of the kingdom forgiveness Acts 3:26
it declares the truth of the kingdom promises Acts 3:15-21
It declares the third part of the gospel of grace 1Co 15:3,4
It declares our justification Rom 4:25
It declares the believer's hope to be living 1Pt.1:3
It declares His coming at the rapture 1Co 11:26
It declares His finished work till He comes 1co 11:26
It declares our daily victory over sin Rom 6:3, 4
It declares our daily and vital pursuit Phil 3:10-12

It brings an end to fear of death Heb 2:15
It makes 2 Co 5:21 true …the righteousness of God in Him
It clarifies all of life's issues.

1 Peter 1:8, "Whom having not seen ye love."
- How did he know they loved Him?
- How do we know if someone loves Him?

Faithful sayings:

- Your love for the Lord will be directly proportionate to the value you place upon Him i.e., His will and Word.

- You don't sincerely love Him if you don't consistently and sincerely yield to Him.

- If you do love Him, you won't have to tell anyone

- If someone keeps telling you about how much they love Him (tooting their own horn), they probably don't.

- Fear of God = loving consistent honor and yieldedness.
So, loving and yielded reverential respect.

- What does your life revolve around? Hopefully, a Risen Savour.



Unshackled by Grace
Day of Grace Ministries, Inc. would like to propose a program that would be a sort of 'Unshackled' for those who have come into the grace message out of the errors of denominationalism. Interested? We will need your story; how did you come into the grace message, out of what, what was the key thing that helped you start to think.

Those Who Tried...
I would like to publish the collected stories (testimonies) of men and women who have come to the Bible to sincerely try to disprove it or show it to be false in any way—scientific or otherwise—and have rather become believers.

The articles would appear here and we could have an index if the need arises.

I know there are many and to the best of my knowledge most if not all who have sincerely tried have been converted.

We could start by posting them on this site and publishing them in book form if that was the Lord's will.

Please feel free to send me information (i.e., names, contacts, internet info, etc., about these people or to submit an article to donaldwebb@juno.com

I am considering calling the book "Those Who Tried..."


Remember: It is the epistles of Paul alone that unfold “the revelation of the mystery” (Romans 16:25), and it is understanding this truth that sheds light on how to interpret and apply all the rest of the Word of God. Paul’s letters are the key that unlocks the rest of the Bible to our complete understanding. All of the issues that are progressively revealed in the Scriptures are concluded as a part and parcel of the revelations given to Paul. The place of the law; justification by faith; the basis of Israel’s salvation and kingdom; the place of sign gifts; all are answered by the truth God gave through Paul.


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