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News'n Notes:

Have Bible Will Travel
Please let me know if you would like to have some Bible meetings and I will see what the Lord and I can do.
You plan on paying my travel expenses and the rest is on me and the Lord.

Email me at donaldwebb@juno.com for possibilities

Call at 765-583-4694  land line leave message or at 765-404-0759 cell.

Our Local Fellowship: New meeting location in Flora!
Day of Grace Fellowship Flora, IN - look for the new sign!

We now meet at 11 South Center Street. Directions: Going into Flora on Highway18 (this is also called Columbia), come to the flashing stop signal in the center of town which is Center street. Turn left on Center street and the church is on the left before you get to Main. Hope to see you there.

We now have audio available for listening or download-- see the link on the home page or click here.

Ever wonder about the Lord's design for an assembly in this dispensation of grace? Our Lord Jesus gave the exact instructions from his current place in glory to guide us in this endeavor. Read I Timothy chapter three; and Titus chapter one to get the details and I will comment on this in an article forthcoming.

Speaking and traveling is definitely a possibility Lord willing:
Give me a call or email me as above.

2012 schedule for speaking at Flora Baptist the Lord willing:

- Nov. 25th

Pictures from our 2011 Word of Grace Board meeting

2011 Word of Grace Board Meeting with me, Ken Lawson, and Mike Keshan

Ken and Bonnie Lawson, and me at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL in the Fall of 2011:

Ken, Bonnie, and Me at the Lincoln house in Springfield:

Me at front door of Lincoln home in Springfield:


The cycle of negative thinking. This is a booklet that is being produced that describes the cycle of sinful thinking that keeps many believers in bondage, and the remedy, tacking every thought captive and using the truth of Romans chapter 6 and 2 Corinthians 10:5. Once you see the Biblical remedy you begin right away to help people who have been in bondage to sinful habits that they keep returning to no matter what they try. Pray as we prepare this important booklet.

Day of Grace Ministries, Inc. would like to propose a program that would be a sort of 'Unshackled' for those who have come into the grace message out of the errors of denominationalism. Interested? We will need your story; how did you come into the grace message, out of what, what was the key thing that helped you start to think.

How about a grace conference? This could be held in the Lafayette, IN area and I would be happy to set it up. How about Logansport, IN?

Those Who Tried I would like to publish the collected testimonies of men and women who have come to the Bible and sincerely tried to disprove it or show it to be false in any way, scientific or otherwise. I am considering the title: Those Who Tried...

We could start by posting them on this site and publishing them in book form if that was the Lord's will.

Please feel free to send me information (i.e., names, contacts, internet info, articles, or other publications and I will take care of getting the necessary permissions. Please contact me at donaldwebb@juno.com

I have placed a link on the home page to get things started. If I do not get any input I will add stories from my research as time permits.

Basic Bible Doctrine books are available for purchase. Please contact me at donaldwebb@juno.com to order or visit the "Orders" link at the left

A special BBD workbook (wide margin) version of the Basic Bible Doctrines book is available, the price is $15.00 plus postage. Email me for more details at donaldwebb@juno.com.

I live near Purdue University and if you are ever visiting or attending school here please email me and we can have some fellowship together. There is a Starbucks in the area and I will buy you a cup of coffee or tea!

Remember: It is the epistles of Paul alone that unfold “the revelation of the mystery” (Romans 16:25), and it is understanding this truth that sheds light on how to interpret and apply all the rest of the Word of God. Paul’s letters are the key that unlocks the rest of the Bible to our complete understanding. All of the issues that are progressively revealed in the Scriptures are concluded as a part and parcel of the revelations given to Paul. The place of the law; justification by faith; the basis of Israel’s salvation and kingdom; the place of sign gifts; all are answered by the truth God gave through Paul.

Notes from Resurrection Sunday (April 24th)


This event, the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, is truly the most important day in all eternity; past and future. It is the event upon which all else lived or died. All true spiritual hopes, dreams, and promises depended upon this event and the character and Word of God were vindicated and yey, proclaimed by this event. Of course, the fullness of the proclamation all that is involved waited for the 'due time,' but we now have the privilege of not only rejoicing in Him but proclaiming this message to the world

Going to a different thought process, imaging calling this day by the English term of a pagan vile sex goddess! Unthinkable? No, that is exactly what the world did. This day is really the celebration of the goddess ishtar and the KJV translators made a terrible mistake to use this vile reference. It is of course the Greek word Passover. Imagine saying "Happy Ishtar?" 

Anyway, I have grown to dislike the name "Easter" because of the compromise that I know it represents.

Taking advantage of resurrection

- By getting saved

- By living in that ‘out’ resurrection Phil. 3:11, 1:21

Is resurrection in the gospel of the kingdom? Jn 11:27 (11:25)

Is it in the gospel of the grace of God?

General Verses:

- Job 19:26

- Jn 11:25

 Israel's verses

- Dan 12:2

- Jn. 5:29

- Ps 2:7

- Jn 11:24

 - Act. 13:33

- Rev.20:4

- Rev 20:5

Our Vewrses:

- 1 Corinthians 15:3,4

- 1 Corinthians 15:51

- 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17

- Colossians 3:4

The raised Lazarus. Jn 11:43

Peter preached resurrection—as prophecy (Act. 2:24, 35, 36)

Paul preached resurrection as a mystery (1 Co. 15:51)

Our resurrection is a mystery revealed to and through Paul (1Cor. 15:51).



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