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This page presents a variety of articles from dispensational truth to moral and social topics to exposition of Scripture. Please read whatever you wish prayerfully considering the issues and then feel free to comment to me.

Profound Thoughts:


Apologetics (defending the faith) Apologetics


Help for the hurting (loneliness, forgiveness, sin, etc.) Help for the hurting


C H Spurgeon said: "Beware or little sins." Spurgeon


CRS said: "What is the Difference?" CRS


Was J. Vernon McGee right when he said that the tithe is not for today? McGee


What did J N Darby mean when he said "...the testimony we have...is the gospel Paul preached, brought out to light..." J N Darby


Selected CHM (C H Mackintosh)


What did J N Darby say when asked what did he hold concerning water baptism? He said, "I hold my tongue."


CHM said: "If Christ can satisfy me for all of eternity, can He not satisfy me now?"


You can tell who is a spiritual person because he consistently responds to life's circumstances in a spiritual way; the way the Holy Spirit would desire according to the Word of God. DW


It is incumbent on the most spiritual to act the most spiritual. DW


Paul's words "Christ sent me not to baptize" were words none of the other apostles could have uttered! No matter what! So what changed with Paul?


Francis Schaeffer referred to our Heavenly Father as: "the God Who is there." He is real, He cares, and He is always there to help and guide you.


The same one that stood with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace will stand with us.


God loves you; not for just an hour; not for just a day; not for just a year, but always!


Today will be filled with hope if it is filled with Christ!


Jim Elliot said: "Wherever you are [for God], be all there." Does that not also apply to trust? We are not testing Him for He needs not to be proved; we are trusting Him. And if we are going to trust Him, let's be all there!


Steve Saint, speaking of his father (Nate Saint) and his 4 companions, said:
"...These men were not super Christians, these men and their spouses were ordinary people, who distinguished themselves by making themselves available to God...by putting themselves at Godís disposal."

Coming Articles:

What is The Mystery?
The Apostle Paul's Definition
The Mystery

Christ Sent Me Not to Baptize
How does this relate to "...the wisdom of words?" 
Wisdom of Words

God's Wisdom in a Mystery...

How to Follow Christ Today
To follow Christ is to obey His word to us through His apostle to the nations
Following Christ

The Beginning of the Church, The Body of Christ
Is it Acts chapter two? 
The Beginning of the church

Common Misunderstandings About What We Teach
The Biblical Answers
Common Misunderstandings

The Five Baptisms of Scripture
The author explains the many different types of baptism in the Bible  Baptism 

From Glory to Glory, a misunderstood phrase
The author expounds ! Corinthians  From Glory to Glory

The Word Salvation
Two important aspects 

More Exclusive than God! coming soon

James Chapter Two; Is faith Enough?
James has been misunderstood 
Is Faith Enough?

The little word if
You will be surprised how many times it should be left as is! 
The little word if

We Believe therefore we speak
Paul's use of the word Jesus
We believe-we speak

What about bad things happening to God's people?
Ever wonder why God allows trial and severe trouble to come into the life of one of His people? Click the following link to learn more:
Under the sun vs. in the heavenlies

Blessed by the Lord no Matter How You Slice It.
What do you say when someone asks you, "How are you?"

How to Have a Strong Marriage coming soon

Paul: God's Apostle for this Dispensation
coming soon

He is Faithful
  coming soon

The Canon of Scripture coming soon

The State of the Dead State of the dead

Who is the Prince of this World? coming soon

Biblical Preaching coming soon

The Structure of a Pauline Assembly coming soon

Pauline Missions and Missionaries coming soon

The Mark of a Man coming soon

What Does it Mean to be Spiritual? coming soon




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